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Dashboard At-A-Glance Feature

All your bills in one place. The At-A-Glance feature gives you the convenience of quickly checking all your bills in real-time in one place.
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Budget Tracking Intelligence

Our Budget Tracking Intelligence feature will give you the power of understanding your spending habits and suggestions to make the appropriate adjustments to be more effective in saving and spending.

Intelligent Alerts

With our proprietary Intelligent Alerts®, Our Intelligent Alert Feature always keep you up to date on all your bills. You are alerted when a bill is due and when your balance is too low to pay your next bill. Our Intelligent Alert Feature always keeps you on track.

Debt Analyzer

A part of any journey requires the correct information to make informed decisions. With the right information, the Debt Analyzer will organize your debt and suggest the most efficient way to pay your debt off faster.

Next Level

This feature is designed to help you understand your financial data better. With this information, you will have real-time data to make informed decisions on personal spending, impacting your ability to save more, pay off debt faster, and achieve financial wellness.

Savings Line

The BudgetMe Savings Line will help you track and achieve your savings goals. When you want to save for a vacation, car, or emergency account, the Saving Line feature will keep you on track, communicate your progress, and celebrate your achievement.

Parent Share

One of our most popular features is our P-Share feature. Parents with independent children who they support or who have college students will love this feature. All you need to do is request to be added to their BudgetMe account. With this feature, you can help them manage the money you give them and the money they earn. You will have access to their dashboard, which previews how they manage their money. This feature is an excellent way to help them sharpen their budgeting skills.

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