Auto Pay

The Auto-Pay feature allows you to schedule and set all your bills to Auto-pay. Once your bills are set on Auto-pay, all your bills will be paid automatically on time every time! You will always know your balance, due date, and schedule payment date. You have the control to turn Auto-Pay on and off at any time.


Intelligent Balance

The IB feature is exclusive to BudgetMe. With this feature, you can rest assured that all your bills will be tracked and paid in the proper order with IB. This is how it works. Example: If you have three bills and the total of those three bills is $450, and those bills are scheduled to be paid at the same time. However, you only have $400 dollars in your account. Do not worry IB will alert you. Also, arrange your bills based on the priority of each bill to ensure no late fees.


Parent Share

With P-Share, parents who have adult-age kids they are supporting will definitely love this feature. Example: If you have a student in college or planning to move out of your home. You can add them to your account as an add-on. With this feature, you are about to help them manage the money you give them and the money they earn. When you set them up, they will have their own dashboard. However, you will have access to their dashboard, which gives you a preview of how they manage their money. This is an excellent way to help them sharpen their money management skills.


Dashboard At A Glance

All your bills in one place, with one login. The At-A-Glance feature gives you the convenience of quickly checking all your bills in real-time in one place, no more trying to remember multiple passwords, and learning to navigate multiple platforms.


Budget Tracking Intelligence Software

Our Budget Tracking Intelligence feature will give you the power of understanding your spending habits and suggestions to make the appropriate adjustments to be more effective in saving and spending. Example: Our BTI technology will track your spending habits and display the results. You will have the option to select the suggestion button to receive suggestion on how to hit your savings or money mismanagement goals. BTI will track your casual speeding such as Food, clothes, Entertainment, travel and more. After 30 days you can click our suggestion button to get meaningful feedback on spending adjustments.